5 Digital Media Buying Trends That Are Too Big To Ignore

March 1, 2017

5 Digital Media Buying Trends That Are Too Big To Ignore

With the continued decline in Print and direct mail advertising, digital is set to dominate the lion’s share of advertising dollars in 2017.

There are five major trends in digital media buying that you simply cannot ignore if your business is to scale and continue to be successful in 2017.

Video is going to be a beast in 2017.

Although it is very prominent in the industry already, video advertising is going to take off in 2017. It will become a mainstream tool and every brand, company or business will have to be ready to provide innovative and engaging video content to keep consumers interested. A recent survey stated that 69% of marketers are ‘increasing’ or ‘significantly increasing’ their video content budget in 2017.

Mobile will begin to dominate not just compliment.

Currently, 4 out of 5 Americans carry and use a smartphone every single day. A large number of the population now count an iPad or similar device as their ‘main’ computer or device. This trend is only set to continue as wearables become more widespread and the use of cross platform advertising becomes better used.

Fraud detection will force greater industry transparency.

Ad Fraud continues to cost US digital advertisers billions of dollars. Expect the fightback to become more intense this year. With the now infamous ‘Fake News’ being a concern for advertisers and consumers everywhere, expect an industry level focus on installing Fraud detection software, Ad Blockers and making it known to people that they ‘care’.

Live streaming set to become mainstream.

2016 saw the launch of Facebook Live which helped elevat new technologies such as 360 Degrees and Augmented Realities into the advertising world. Snapchat claims over 10 billion videos are watched per day and Facebook accounts for more than 8 billion video views from an overall 500 million viewers per day. The young internet users especially seem to crave video content over other formats. The concept of the second screen represents an opportunity to reach users at a specific time whilst a specific event is being experienced. Personalization is the key.

Major increase in buying open auction inventory.

Long overdue we are set to see the decline in fixed price CPM inventory. This has always favored the publisher, but now the trend is turning in the advertisers favor. Open auction bidding is set to become widespread in every format of media, not just the usual content recommendation platforms everyone is familiar with.

So what does this mean for your business?

Bottom line is you cannot expect what worked last year or even last month just to continue to ‘work’ The need to be constantly evolving, adapting, testing and trying new things is essential if you are to continue to scale your business. ”

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