June 12, 2017

The New-Smarter Way To Target Your Next Customer

If you are, like many others in the email marketing space, seeing a lot of list fatigue and over saturation it can be a frustrating and concerning time. It is becoming harder and harder to stand out in a crowded market place and maximize your ROI on ad spend in regards to email.

List owners are infinitely better now, or shall we say have been forced into being better quickly at list scrubbing, cleansing and maintaining their lists to ensure advertisers are not spending their money on wasted contacts, that have likely not opened an email from that sender in 6 months, if ever. However the odds will always be against the advertiser until performance based sends are the norm. As long as the classic CPM model is still around, the list owner always has that sneaky little extra incentive to keep that list a little longer than it should be.

Fortunately, there are many tools available today that can allow the advertiser to be in the position of power.

One such tool is People-Based Marketing.

This allows you to connect with real people on any channel or device. Advertisers are able to recognize, understand, and reach consumers everywhere they have been and are going to be.

UnStoppable Response is using this tool to help our clients increase Reach, Revenue and ROI.

Our clients are able to target their next potential customer in such a hyper-targeted way that it is allowing great improvement in the efficiency of their marketing spend.

The goal is simple: reach actual people and not just someones inbox.

Instead of now relying on ‘Brand X’ email marketing list and their ability to generate leads that just happen to want to buy your product, you can build a profile of your customer and target a massive amount of ‘people’ that fit the exact profile of your customer. You are utilizing the power of data to ensure every person you reach is a more-engaged consumer than just some email address on a list.

You have probably heard the buzz word ‘Look-a-like Audience’ lately, its not just a word but the next targeting feature you and your business needs to go all in on.

If you know the age, income, average value of the car they drive, the overall net worth, the investment profile, shopping habits, and any other data points about your customers,  doesn’t it make perfect sense that having the ability to reach these specific people will generate far better ROI for your business.

Our People-Based-Marketing partner also has the ability to unlock value from your own data if you currently have a file. They can work with you to analyze your file and build a far more complete, robust omni-channel file that allows you to become a far more smarter, detailed marketer moving forward. This is a service we highly recommend you use if you are serious about maximizing your ROI.

For more information on People-Based-Marketing and to discuss your businesses needs or future goals, do not hesitate to get in touch – kevin@unstoppableresponse.com

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